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7 Effective Ways to Leverage Yourself

In any endeavor, to produce the best results, efficient leveraging is required.
Here are seven ways to leverage yourself:

1. Other People’s Energy

2. Other People’s Knowledge

3. Other People’s Money

4. Other People’s Successes

5. Other People’s Failures

6. Other People’s Ideas

7. Other People’s Contacts


Other’s Contacts – Ways to Leverage Yourself

July 1, 2010 1 comment

The seventh form of leverage is Other People’s Contacts or Other People’s Credibility. Each person you know knows many other people, many of whom can be helpful to you. Who do you know who could open doors for you or introduce you to the right people? One introduction to one key person can change the entire direction of your life. Becoming skilled in these seven forms of leverage will have an enormously positive impact as you relentlessly work to become more productive. Study them. Learn them. And, most importantly, apply them. Then enjoy the remarkable results in your life and your business.