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Putting Your Business Plan into Action

August 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Finally, take swift and decisive action. Follow your plan. Monitor your progress. Be persistent and, at the same time, be flexible, ever on the lookout for changes in the external environment that require changes in your Strategies and Tactics.

Whenever you find that you or your business are getting bogged down with little progress toward your goals, perform a GOSPA Analysis. Reexamine your Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Plans and Actions. Most importantly, remain forever vigilant. Be on the lookout for unnecessary redundancies and complexities that so often take hold. And when they do, root them out. Your battle cry must be, “Keep it simple!”

Have a wonderful and productive month!


Strategies Determination – One of the Most Important Business Planning Skills

August 10, 2010 Leave a comment

With Goals and Objectives clearly defined in the most simple, specific terms, you must now determine the Strategy you will adopt to reach the Objectives and thereby attain your Goal. For example, your Goal may be to sell 4,000 units of a particular product at a price of $100 per unit within six months. Your Objectives might be:

Month 1: 50 units sold
Month 2: 150
Month 3: 300
Month 4: 500
Month 5: 1,000
Month 6: 2,000
6-Month Total: 4,000 units sold

The question now becomes, “How will I reach these Objectives?” Will you use direct mail? Email? Will you advertise? If so, what advertising medium will you use? And so on. The best Strategy for you will meet three criteria’s:

(a) First, it will be easy to define, to understand and to execute.
(b) Second, it will be based on the skills and resources most readily available to you.
(c) Third, it will be practical, offering you the best chance of success.

Video – Wealth Creation the Keys to Success

February 19, 2010 Leave a comment

A video on strategies for achieving your business goals.