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Personal Strategic Planning – Design Your Life and Career

February 22, 2010 1 comment

Personal strategic planning is very similar. However, instead of return on equity, personal strategic planning is aimed at increasing your return on energy. Put another way, it is to increase your return on life. The equity in a business is measured in terms of financial capital. Your personal equity, on the other hand, is measured in terms of your own human capital.

Your personal equity is composed of the mental, emotional and physical energies you have to invest in your career. Your goal should be to get the very highest return possible on the investment of yourself in everything you do. How well you invest yourself determines your income. This is the point of personal strategic planning.

You can tell that it is time to revisit your strategic plan when you are no longer getting the kind of results you want from your work or from your life. Whenever you feel frustrated or dissatisfied, for any reason, this is often an indication that you should sit down and ask yourself some good, hard questions. Whenever you experience resistance or stress, or you find yourself working harder and harder only to feel that you are getting fewer and fewer rewards, you should stand back and consider revising your strategy. Read more…


Four Ways to Change Your Life

February 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Remember the six ways to simplify your professional life:

1. Delegate
2. Outsource
3. Eliminate
4. Consolidate
5. Downsize
6. Delay, Defer

All fall under the discipline of Simplification. In this same vein, there are essentially four ways to change your professional life:

1.    Do more of certain things.

The first key to changing your life is to spend time on your high value activities. Determine the 20% of tasks that you perform that contribute 80% of the results that you desire – then concentrate your time on these. Another way to discover your high value activities is to calculate your desired hourly rate – the income to which you aspire divided by 2000. Perform more activities that command this hourly rate. By spending more of your time and energy on your high value activities, you will become far more productive, allowing you to both earn more money and take more time off for rejuvenation. Read more…