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Law of Super Conscious Activity

One of the most important success secrets is the Law of Super Conscious Activity:
“Any thought, plan, goal or idea – whether positive or negative – held continuously in your conscious mind must be brought into reality by your super conscious mind.”
What is the super conscious mind? How does it operate? Can its enormous powers be harnessed and directed to better our lives? If so, how? This white paper offers a distillation of Ronnie’s answers to these questions.
As I mentioned in my book, The Mentor Club, what is the super conscious Mind?
Essentially, our minds operate at three levels of consciousness.
Our conscious mind identifies, compares and analyses data and then, based on these processes, makes decisions.
Our subconscious mind stores and retrieves information and obeys the commands of the conscious mind.
Our super conscious mind functions outside and beyond both the conscious and subconscious mind, but is accessed through them. Also known as the “infinite intelligence,” and “supra-conscious mind,” the super conscious mind serves at least three functions.
First, it is the source of all pure creativity. All truly classical art, music and literature flow from the super conscious mind. Ralph Waldo Emerson confessed that his essays seemed to “write themselves.” In describing the essence of Mozart’s brilliant compositions, court composer Salieri said, “He writes the most beautiful music in the world as though he were taking dictation.”
Second, the super conscious mind is the well from which spring new inventions and scientific breakthroughs. Edison regularly tapped into his super conscious mind where he discovered core ideas and principles leading to his hundreds of successful inventions.
Third, the super conscious mind is the true source of all inspiration, all motivation – the excitement you feel when aroused by a new idea or possibility.
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