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Other’s Ideas – Ways to Leverage Yourself

A sixth form of leverage is Other People’s Ideas. One good idea is all you need to birth a fortune. The more you read, learn, discuss and experiment, the more likely it is that you will come across an idea that, combined with your own abilities and resources, will make you a great success in your field. Of course, ideas in and of themselves are not all it takes. The world is full of people who will eagerly share with you their “if only” tales. How often have you heard, “I had this great idea but before I could get around to doing something with it, someone else came out with it and made millions. If only I’d done something with it!”? It is the person who acts on an idea who reaps the benefits. If it’s your own original idea, good for you. But some research can open your eyes to a never ending stream of Other People’s Ideas that, when wrapped up in a sound plan and put into action, can form the basis of a highly profitable venture.

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