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Positioning – One of the Elements of a Well-Conceived Marketing Matrix

A vital consideration in any business plan is how you position yourself and your product in comparison to your competition. With what you know about your ideal customer, how can you best appeal to them? What can you say or do to drown out all of the other commercial messages striving for their attention? What are their hot buttons – and how can you push it?
At the heart of the question is your understanding of why the potential buyer would purchase your product. What is his perceived need and why is your product the best able to satisfy it? When you have answered this question, position your product accordingly.
Is the prospect looking for quality above all else? Then position yourself as the supplier of the best performing, longest lasting product. Are they seeking speed of delivery? Position yourself as the offering the fastest turnaround in the market. Is price of paramount importance? If so, position yourself as the lowest cost provider. Whatever the need, you can jump to the head of the line by positioning yourself as the leader in this area.
Ultimately, of course, you must deliver. Remember the four levels of customer satisfaction. It can be fatal to create expectations in the mind of a customer and then fail to at least meet these expectations. The words of Peter Drucker should be heeded: “Under-commit and over-perform.” In other words, be sure that you are able to live up the promise created by the positioning of your product.

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