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Master Your Destiny – Must-See Business and Investment Seminar of 2010

Business Success Seminar Australia

You can not miss this once-in-a-lifetime event – Master Your Destiny.

This seminar will showcase extraordinary speakers who will reveal their personal secrets and strategies for success in Property, Shares, Business, Internet Marketing and Wealth Creation over the course of two phenomenal days.

I am the lead speaker and here’s a blurb about me if you’ve just discovered this blog:

There are few people as synonymous with success as Ronnie Kagan. This internationally recognised businessman, keynote speaker, mentor and coach has spent the last three decades finding out exactly what does – and doesn’t – work in business and life, finely honing his business success strategies as he conquered his personal goals. Ronnie has built up 32 companies in eight countries, been involved in  list ing  three companies on the Australian Stock Exchange, co-founded a billion-dollar property investment company, and created one of the fastest-growing direct sales companies in Australia – well and truly establishing his credentials as a business success coach.

For a list of the events:

– Friday 21st & 22nd May 2010, Sydney Convention Centre

– Friday 28th & Saturday 29th May 2010Bayview Edan Hotel, Melbourne

– Friday 4th & Saturday 5th June 2010, Brisbane Convention Centre

Register here – PowWowEvents.

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