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People – One of the Elements of a Well-Conceived Marketing Matrix

The third element of your marketing strategy is People. Consider all people involved in the sales process. First, study your customer. Create a profile of your existing customer base. If you are starting your business and have no customers as yet, your profile might describe the customers of your competitors, including their age range, gender, job, financial status, purchasing power and so on. What kind of publications do they read? Where are they most likely to shop? What clubs and organisations might they be expected to join? What kind of job or profession are they likely to have? What other characteristics or habits are relevant to your marketing efforts?

Next, paint a picture of your ideal customer. Based on the same parameters you used in creating your existing customer profile, describe your ideal customer in detail. This information will prove invaluable in determining how you can most readily reach him and convert him into an actual customer.

Next, examine your sales people. Perhaps it is you. Maybe you have an internal sales force, or do you sell through independent reps? It is important that whoever is interfacing with the buyer matches well to the customer profile you have just defined or he will be unable to create rapport, an essential ingredient in the sales process. It is not unusual to find women in sales positions in upscale men’s clothing stores. On the other hand, men rarely sell fine clothing to women but are the norm in the heavy equipment industry. Are you and/or your sales people the ideal match for your ideal customer?

Finally, look at your customer support people. Are they right for the job? Do they have the proper attitude and the necessary skills? As with your sales people, are they well suited to deal with the kind of person you have defined as your ideal customer? Taking the time to know your customer and to ensure you have the best people in the critical positions of sales and customer service will yield great benefits to you and your business as you move forward with your marketing efforts.


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