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Four Ways to Change Your Life

Remember the six ways to simplify your professional life:

1. Delegate
2. Outsource
3. Eliminate
4. Consolidate
5. Downsize
6. Delay, Defer

All fall under the discipline of Simplification. In this same vein, there are essentially four ways to change your professional life:

1.    Do more of certain things.

The first key to changing your life is to spend time on your high value activities. Determine the 20% of tasks that you perform that contribute 80% of the results that you desire – then concentrate your time on these. Another way to discover your high value activities is to calculate your desired hourly rate – the income to which you aspire divided by 2000. Perform more activities that command this hourly rate. By spending more of your time and energy on your high value activities, you will become far more productive, allowing you to both earn more money and take more time off for rejuvenation.

2. Do less of certain things.

As you focus more of your time on your high value activities, you will find ways to delegate or outsource those that, while important, nevertheless can be performed by someone else earning a lower hourly rate. In addition to increasing your productivity, you will also sustain a higher level of energy as you will be engaged in areas that are more challenging and more aligned with your interests and your talents.

3. Start doing something new.

We live in a time of almost incomprehensible change. Constantly be on the lookout for new ways to achieve results cheaper and faster. This may entail adopting a new process, learning a new skill or adopting a new technology. In today’s competitive world, remaining ahead of the pack is essential. To stick with the status quo is a formula for a decline in productivity and ultimately for extinction. The business landscape is littered with the corpses of companies that stayed too long with outmoded philosophies and methodologies. Resolve to find new, faster and better ways of achieving your goals. You might choose one of your goals and utilise the Mindstorming Method, asking yourself, “How can I most efficiently and effectively achieve this goal?”

4. Stop doing something altogether.

Regularly practice zero based thinking. Take stock of all parts of your life and ask yourself the question, “Knowing what I now know, would I adopt this process? Enter this relationship?… etc.” If the answer is No, there is probably no compelling reason to stick with it. In most cases, you will have discovered something to “stop doing altogether.”

So, as you aggressively move forward in you efforts to change your life, continually ask yourself these questions:

    What should I do more of?
    What should I do less of?
    What should I start doing that I am now currently doing?
    What should I stop doing altogether?

Then, act on your new insights. Your life will change in ways that may surprise you.

What one action will you commit to take as a result of this blog post?
How will you follow through on this commitment?
If so, what benefit(s) do you intend to realize as a result of this action?
If you do not follow through, what consequences will you encounter and what will that ultimately land up costing you?
When will you complete this action?

Congratulations on your decision to continue in this year-long The Winning Way in business Process. I commend your high level of commitment and promise to do my utmost to support your growth. If you feel that anyone you know of could benefit by receiving our newsletter please get them to log onto http://www.WinningWay.com.au and they shall receive a free ebook as well as a copy of the ongoing monthly newsletter.


Ronnie Kagan

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