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6 Ways to Simplify your Professional Life

beach lifeOne of the foundational principles is that of Simplification. The Law of Complexity – “Every additional step in a process increases the complexity of the process geometrically.” – underscores the importance of simplifying plans and systems aimed at solving problems and achieving goals. This same principle applies in our personal and professional lives.

Essentially, there are six ways to simplify your professional life:

1. Delegate

Focus your time and energy on your high value tasks; those that yield the greatest return. First, identify those tasks which you and only you can do. Second, identify those tasks that merit paying someone your hourly rate – or your desired hourly rate. Now concentrate on these tasks, delegating the rest.

2. Outsource

Outsourcing is a form of delegation. If you have determined that a task should be delegated but do not have anyone on staff to whom you can delegate it, look for a company or individual that is in the business of providing this service. For example, one company outsourced it’s payroll to a company that specialises in this important aspect of business. This shields it from the responsibility of keeping abreast of the constantly changing labour laws and from performing the myriad of filings required at both the national and state level, allowing its accounting department to focus on what it does best – tracking and analysing its financial performance.

3. Eliminate

Some tasks should be eliminated altogether. Apply the discipline of zero based thinking, constantly asking this question: “Knowing what I now know, would I launch this initiative, create this system… if I had it to do over?” If the answer is no, then eliminate it and direct your time and resources elsewhere.

4. Consolidate

Review your various business processes. Is there a way you can consolidate any of them by eliminating steps? Remember Occam’s Razor: “With any problem or goal, the simplest and most direct explanation or method is usually the best and most effective.”

5. Downsize

The typical entrepreneur begins as a one-man show. As his business grows, he adds employees and equipment and rents space in order to accommodate the increased work required to support this higher level of activity. But emerging technology and more efficient business methods and systems can render a once sensible infrastructure inefficient. Again, regularly practice zero based thinking, continually updating your technology while pruning the fat from your business by eliminating any staff positions, systems or equipment that are no longer essential to your operations.

6. Delay, Defer

Entrepreneurs are action-oriented. They are decisive and waste no time launching a new program or initiative. This characteristic is one of the underpinnings of their success. However, it can also prove to be their Achilles’ heel. There are times when it is wise to practice constructive procrastination. Allow yourself sufficient time to sift through various options and alternatives and to consider the possible consequences of this contemplated investment of time and/or money before swinging into action. This will allow you to focus on what is already working while doing your homework on what may work in the future. Remember, sometimes the best ideas are the ones upon which you do not act!

You will find this discipline of Simplification contributes enormously to increasing your productivity and your time off.

Have a wonderful and productive month!

The purpose of this blog post is to help focus your attention on those areas of your life upon which we will work during our time together. This act of observing – focusing upon – these critical life elements ensures maximum return on your investment of time and energy.

What one action will you commit to take as a result of this blog post?

How will you follow through on this commitment?

If so, what benefit(s) do you intend to realize as a result of this action?

If you do not follow through, what consequences will you encounter and what will that ultimately land up costing you?

When will you complete this action?

Congratulations on your decision to continue in this year-long The Winning Way in business process. I commend your high level of commitment and promise to do my utmost to support your growth. If you feel that anyone you know of could benefit by receiving our newsletter please get them to log onto http://www.WinningWay.com.au  and they shall receive a free ebook as well as a copy of the ongoing monthly newsletter.


Ronnie Kagan

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