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Zero Based Thinking

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95% of everything you do is determined by your habits. From the time you get up in the morning, to the time you go to sleep at night, your habits largely control and dictate the words you say, the things you do and the ways you react and respond. Successful, happy people have good habits that are life enhancing. Unsuccessful, unhappy people, have habits that hurt them and hold them back.

One of the most powerful positive habits you can develop is the regular practice of zero based thinking. On a regular basis, ask yourself this question:

“Is there anything in your life that, knowing what you now know, you would not get into again today, if you had it to do over?”

For example, is there any relationship – business or personal – that you would not enter today?

What about your business? Are there any of your current products or services you would not offer today, knowing what you now know? Is there a market to which you are selling that you would not enter? Are there customers you would not take on? Employees you would not hire? Processes you would not adopt? Channels of distribution you would not use? Sales and marketing strategies you would not follow?

Have you invested time, energy, emotions or money in any relationship or venture to which you would not commit today, knowing what you now know? If you answer “yes” to any such question, there automatically follows another obvious question: Why are you still involved in this relationship, strategy, investment or whatever? No one with a degree of common sense begins something that does not at least appear to make sense. When we enter a relationship, hire an employee or make an investment, we do so because we are convinced it will benefit us. Over a period of time, our needs change. So do our circumstances. What made sense yesterday may not necessarily make sense today. Yet often, we are so busy that we fail to recognise these changes and, out of habit, we find ourselves perpetuating an outdated or outmoded status quo.

In applying zero based thinking, you expose these habitual parts of your life. Then you can ask a second question: What are you going to do about it? Normally, there is one answer: eliminate it from your life. Then move on. This practice of zero based thinking and taking appropriate action requires courage and commitment. You must be brutally honest in your self-assessment. And you must be resolute in your determination to change.

Begin now, and make it a habit to regularly ask yourself the zero based thinking question, “Knowing what I now know, is there anything I would not get into again today if I had to do it over?” Then take action to eliminate these from your life. The results can be quite extraordinary, as you eliminate negative, non-functional or even dysfunctional aspects of your life, replacing them with new, positive aspects. You will have higher energy. You will enjoy greater peace of mind. And you will be far more productive.

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Kind regards,

Ronnie Kagan


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