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How do you Start your day!

by: Joanna Scaparotti

Recently, I was asked what I think the single most important thing someone can do to maintain sanity, keep stress at a minimum and increase productivity when launching a business. While those starting a business have a unique set of stressors, we all have complicated lives in our own way, so my answer applies to everyone.

In my opinion, the single most important thing a person can do is to take some quiet “me” time every morning. This means not starting the day with checking your email, watching the news or yelling at your kids to hurry up. It means setting aside a few minutes just for you to relax before you start your morning routine or finding a way to incorporate it into your current routine such as listening to soothing music on your commute to work. Whether you play with your pet, just sit with your favorite beverage savoring the flavors, meditate, do yoga, go for a walk, look out over your garden, play music you enjoy, or reflect in a journal, making the time every morning to just be is a very simple way to maintain sanity and keep stress at bay.

First of all, these special moments just for yourself allow you to be fully present in your day so you can truly own and appreciate it. By making “me” time first thing, you claim your day, rather than it being claimed by the rat race or your obligations to everyone else day after day. In addition, this quiet time sets the tone for your day. If you start out peaceful and focused, chances are the rest of your day will follow suit. Whereas, if you start the day in a rush, frantic and running late, chances are the rest of the day is going to be fairly stressful too.

There is another benefit of spending time being every morning before you start doing all the things that need to be done in your day. The quiet time gives you the opportunity to let creative ideas gestate, solutions to be discovered, and inspiration to happen because your mind is open and receptive instead of preoccupied like when you are busy the rest of the day.

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